Lost Cove Competitors – Tuesday Sprint – Remix and Improve

Lost Cove Competitors – Tuesday Sprint – Remix and Improve

Downloaded the apps:


Download Festival

Isle of Wight Festival

Reading Festival




After looking at competitors today, I realised that the same developers have been present throughout all of the same apps. There is nothing different about these apps apart from boardmasters – which has a negative user experiences. Notes I’ve taken from today:


  • Bad user experience on most of them – double burger menu is displayed
  • Discover page is just a list of artists
  • Boardmasters has a confusing profile section with ability to have a feed – this is not needed – line up is just a poster
  • Profile navigation when adding acts is clunky and doesn’t flow
  • Map pages do not load – apart from Download – need the ability to see where you are
  • Too many filters (By day, stage, A-Z, Genre, time, Artist)
  • Confusing IA – Line up, schedule, Discover
  • Most clicks take you to the actual site, not a page on the app
  • Merch pages are confusing, can’t pick up on site – need to act more of a store
  • Too much on menu navigation
  • Too much information displayed
  • They dont let you actually plan a schedule
  • Click to listen – nice feature to include through Deezer
  • Ticket page takes you through to a website within an app – doesn’t feel secure to pay