Lose Cove – Monday Sprint Cont

Ask the experts, Interview with James Bass, CEO of Lost Cove:


Your audience

1. What is the split in gender percentages across the Lost Cove audience?

2. What are the average ages of your customers? e.g. between 30-55

3. Are there any anomalies to this?

4. What is the general marital status of Lost Cove customers?

5. What is their highest level of education?

6. What are the most common professions your customers have?

7. What percentage are students or from university committees?

8. When the committees visit, what is the general split between students and lecturers/ others?

9. What is the average household income of your audience?

10. What are your clients mobile phone abilities like, 0-10?

11. What other festivals do your clients attend?

12. What other applications (if any) would your typical client use? e.g Instagram.

Your brand

13. How do your clients normally access your brand? E.g website, social media platform, word of mouth

14. At the festival, what are the most popular events?

15. How many bars, stages, food stalls do you have?

16. What is the split between camping/bunks/hotels/campervan?

17. What information would you prefer them to access? E.g. set times, line up

18. What is your clients preferred travel method of attending the festival?

19. What role does sustainability play at the festival?

20. What would be the top 4 elements you would prefer on the app? E.g line up, set times, map, surfing competitions, merch, contact

21. What incentives would be appealing to download your app? Gaming?

22. What incentives would be appealing to attend Lost Cove over other festivals?

23. Most popular service on the site? E.g booking, merch

24. Name your biggest competitors and why?

25. What is the single most important piece of information you want your customers to know?

26. Run through an average day at the festival.

27. When would the app be most useful?

In depth audience knowledge

28. What are your customers hobbies?

29. A day in the life of your clients, not at the festival?

30. What type of person are they? E.g. family orientated, social, introverted

31. What are the most common locations your clients live?

32. Where do they holiday?

33. What is their biggest hope?

34. What are their concerns and fears?



These are my Initial ideas for the app

Discover/Home page

Line up – sortable by day. Friday, Sat, Sun

More indepth sorting > by stage, by time or A-Z, Headliners, Bands, Open Mic.

Schedule – ability to make own schedule > save this offline if data is an issue – Spotify integration for pre attendance ‘tap to listen’


Map – site map to get around when there

Travel – map and different ways to travel there

Surf Competition with rankings that update, Universities > incentives to compete

Food and drink – discount % when app is downloaded

Merch – order and buy on app, pick up on site

Whats on/News – including events happened e.g. beach clean

Tickets – ability to save tickets on the app, including accommodation, travel etc

Notifications > when is an act on, when is the comp, yoga session starting in 30 mins

Social Media links


Goals for customers:

1. Able to discover the line up and make their own line up complete with notifications

2. Take part in activities throughout the festival including the surf competition, yoga sessions, beach clean

3. To buy Lost Cove merchandise from stalls – choose on app and pick up at point


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