Rathbones – Client Research

Rathbones – Client Research

General research around Rathbones, company values, processes, ethical banking and their customer reviews. These customer reviews build perfect personas to work from when designing the application and understand user experience. Building up an idea of the potential users of the application helps to identify touchpoints with stakeholders and when/how they will use the application.

Key findings:

1. Dedicated team for clients who want 100% ethical and sustainable investment: Rathbone Greenbank Investments – Being environmentally friendly and sustainable is a key contemporary topic and a growing concern for the environment is pushing debates and protests throughout the world. I believe this sector of the business is key to focus on.

2. Greenbank only manages ethical and socially responsible investment portfolios – By understand which companies these are by further research we can build a better understanding of the consumer, their interests.

3. Support issues the client cares about. Social, ethical and environmental priorities taken into account while screening out sectors and companies they want to avoid (e.g. oil, emerging markets).

4. Values and financial goals can be combined without compromise.

5.  Rathbone Greenbank is a prominent activist on ethical and sustainability issues. The company has a long history of philanthropy and involvement in social justice.


Adam: lives in London and is in 30s. He’s been a client of Rathbones for over 10 years. Adam recently moved back to the UK after working overseas for a number of years. Rathbones managed his fathers money for years, passed his portfolio and manager onto his son. Used as a saftey net. He wants money tucked away for his retirement or to provide a down payment on a house, while he focusing on his business. Contact time: a couple of times a year with Jane. Regular reports are sent to him and things she thinks he will find useful so he is informed. He trusts Jane.

Leah and John: 55 – 60 Run their own business. Have three grown up children. Moved their investments in 2o12. Reason for moving: want to retire a few years from now and want to maximize what they have for growth. Want an individual advisor. Why they chose Rathbones: Recommended through their accountant. The company is professional, trusted and positive history. Points of contact: advisor writes to them several times a year. The reports are clear and easy to follow. They like a simple life and nothing too complicated.

Peter: 65, retired. Married to Allison, they have a son, Sam, 11. Live in the North of England. Needs: Professionalism, approachable, flexibility and easy. Want to feel at ease and are perfectionists so go through things multiple times before deciding, thoughtful people. Investment goal: Maintain their lifestyle. Sams inheritance will come from their properties. Peter is moving his retirement portfolio over to Rathbones too. Contact time: in person, 3 times a year – they can pick up the phone any time and James is there.

David, 66, retired. He lives in London. Moved portfolio in 2014. Needs: Investment needs to provide him with an income now he has retired. Recommendation through a friend – runs in these types of circles. Rathbones looks trustworthy with a good track record. Positives: Service is personable and efficient. Likes that you can access the portfolio online to see how his money is doing. Likes the inviduality of the process.


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