UX Deliverables checklist

UX Deliverables checklist

These are the deliverables and checklist of UX Deliverables I wish to acheive – (x3: Rathbones, Lost Cove, AR – TBC)


  1. UX Analysis Report
  2. Moodboard
  3. Goals to achieve
  4. Industry research
  5. User research/ market segmentation
  6. Personas
  7. Competitor analysis
  8. Additional UX insights, Inputs, data, trends• 4 tasks for implementation
  9. Selected platform and why
  10. Target demographic (age specific, you will need to establish).
  11. user insights
  12. analysing user tasks and or experience mapping
  13. user journey analysis
  14. User Flows
  15. Information Architecture
  16. Taxonomy of sections
  17. Wireframes (Produced in Sketch)
  18. Testable Lo-Fi Prototype
  19. Wireframes (InVisionProject)
  20. GUI Example –Visual design of the key screens
  21. InVision project with polished GUI (Sketch) -HiFi Prototype•
  22. InVision exported PDF of GUI screens
  23. Video walkthrough featuring UI animations and mixed media (Principle)
  24. Promo Video


The tools I will be using to create are:

Sketch > Wireframing and GUI

Invision >  Showcase the prototype, mobile version also

Trello & Teamweek > Project management tools

Photoshop > Design elements

Premier Pro > Create the video

After Effects > Animations and paid for course

Principle > UI animations

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