Ideation – UX Design process

Ideation – UX Design process

The focus of my Final Major Project is refining the UX process by creating 3 prototypes for applications within growing industries, each addressing goals and issues within specific companies. The process and method of delivering the prototype is as important as the product at the end. I intend to use several methodologies combined while working in sprints to achieve 3 prototypes.

After researching the most lucrative and growing industries, my main focus at this point is on FinTech, AR and Events/Festivals. (Brown, 2018) – More detail to follow.

The focus of my final major project is to also align with my career trajectory. I researched what UX Designers and the UX Industry as a whole to find what recruiters want when searching to recruit. I need a diverse portfolio, hence the choice of very different industries. When recruiters quickly scan portfolios, they want to see evidence of four things:

  • The problem to be solved.
  • The process used to find a solution.
  • The key deliverables.
  • The outcome and results.

(Doodey, 2019)

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