Rathbones Greenbank
Ethical Investment App

Overview: Rathbone Greenbank is an application created for MA Final Major Project that allows members of the ethical bank to oversee their ethical portfolio, access news stories and attend exclusive events.

Ethical investment aims to exclude profiting from activities that are considered harmful to society and the environment and to invest in organisations, companies and projects that are committed to operating in a way that is sustainable for the future.

Tools: XD, Sketch, Photoshop, After Effects

Services: App Design, UI, UX, Animation

Key App Features

Offer access to the latest ethical news and investment stories


Portfolio overview for investments


Exclusive access to Greenbank events

ALL phones


With access to oversee their portfolio, users can easily access their financial advisor and call or email via the app.

Users can see their  portfolio performance since inception, see their top 5 holdings and filter  their investments by  sector or region.


Users can gain knowledge of ethical news with stories directly from the Greenback research team. They can choose between top stories or ‘my news’.

Users can filter their news into categories of their interest and stay up to date in the ethical investment sector.


Clients of Rathbone Greenbank have access to exclusive and private events. These include galas, charity balls, award ceremonies and sports tickets.

Users can register for the events via the app, find directions and add their friends, family or clients to guest lists.

01. Process

Client Research

Identify Goals

Expert Interview

Ethical Investments
Competitor Analysis
User pain points
Customer touch points


User Stories
How Might We


Site Map
User Flow


Testable prototype

This project was created as part of a series for the final major
project of the Postgraduate Degree in Interactive Media Practice (MA), from the University of Westminster.

Interactive Prototype | Created with Adobe XD.


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