Kirsti Wade

Product designer

Experienced lead designer, specialist in end-to-end design and implementation of iOS/Android app and web journeys. Proven track record as an SME in all design stages from discovery, UX research, UX/UI design, iteration, user testing up to developer hand off and beyond.

Financial services and digital banking domain expert, with most recent experience leading UX/UI/Functional design team for a major high street bank, delivering across retail & business apps, internet banking and public website.


Design skillset

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UX Process

Identifying user and business needs by linking the user’s own goals and measures of success and enjoyment with the objectives of the given business or organization, considering technical restraints.

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Design Thinking

An iterative process to understand the user’s pain, challenge assumptions, redefine problems, in order to create new strategies and solutions. Understanding, exploring and materialising.

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UX Research

Planning and conducting qualitative user research and transform findings into insightful information. Includes market research, competitor analysis, expert interviews, data collection & ‘how might we’ method.

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Rapid Prototyping

Creating digital or physical concepts, from low to high fidelity designs.

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User testing at low & high fidelity. Expert interviews, stakeholder reviews, accessibility testing and A/B testing using tools such as Userzoom & Playbook.

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Design Systems

Experience with building and implementing design systems using atomic design. Designing and testing components, documentation and developer training and hand off.

Design tools


More tools: Zeplin, Abstract, Userzoom, Playbook, Photoshop, Illustrator

Animation tools: After Effects, Protopie, Principle, Tumult Hype, Celtra

More Skills: Unity, HTML/CSS, Google Analytics, WordPress, Mailchimp, Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Vimeo. Social Media platforms, Trello, Teamweek, Confluence.

Clients in partnership
with Global Brands

At Global, commercial client partnerships involve creating co-branded websites, ads and internal projects with Global’s Radio brands. These include Heart, Capital & Capital Xtra, LBC, Smooth, Classic FM, Radio X & Pop Buzz.


Projects include live commercial briefs, Masters of Arts modules and final major projects supported by conceptual designs for various clients across multiple industries. Consisting of app design, responsive web and UX deliverables.